Unlock Huawei E5336BS-2 Zero Lock Counter - Tutorial

Unlock Huawei E5336BS-2 Zero Lock Counter

Unlock Huawei E5336BS-2 Zero Lock Counter

What does it mean, if your Huawei E5336bs-2 counter lock attempts becomes zero? It means you have lost the chances of unlocking your MiFI by codes, imei unlock codes can be generated, but you won’t be able to insert the unlock codes as the space box for input becomes fainted. If you are in this situation, follow these simple guides to revert lock counter from 0-10, and order for unlock codes from Huawei Database.

How To Revert Zero Counter For Huawei E5336bs-2:

  • Download Huawei E5336BS-2 Official firmware from the download description below
Download Link
  • Open the cover of your huawei and take note of your device imei number.
  • Follow This Link, in the space box provided, input your imei number and click Submit
  • Your device Flash Codes will be generated in seconds, copy the flash code and move the next step
  • Extract the firmware you downloaded above, double click on the firmware Application
  • Connect Huawei device, go to the device setup and install the drivers that came with it.
  • Once drivers are successfully installed, click Start on the firmware package, it will prompt for a password, copy and paste the Flash Code you generated above.
  • Wait for a few seconds, your device will be flashed and zero lock counter will be reverted to 10.
  • You can order for unlock codes, from This page

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