Fix Boot loop stuck on recovery Huawei GR3 2017 DIG Diego-AL00

Fix Boot loop stuck on recovery Huawei GR3 2017 DIG Diego-AL00

Fix Boot loop stuck on recovery Huawei GR3 2017 DIG Diego-AL00

On this page today, we will help you resolve stuck on recovery Huawei GR3 2017 DIG Diego-AL00. If you by default, see your Huawei DIG-AL00 stuck on recovery, or  boot loops on recovery indefinitely, follow our complete step by step fix with flashing instructions.

1 Purpose

The tool is to guide the after-sale service personnel and related personal to upgrade phone software of Qualcomm platform

2 Application scope

The manual is suitable for mobile phone of Qualcomm platform,aim to after-sale service personnel and related personal to upgrade mobile software

3 Tool list

Note: All files, drivers, flashtool and firmware are contgained in the firmware download link below this article, once downloaded, do extract to get individual files.

4 Operation steps

Install VC Runtime Download here

Open VC Runtime folder from tool package,path is(Upgrade\upgrade tools&drivers\VC Runtime)

Double-clickto install it

Install driver

Open Handset Developer package,see the below:

Double-click “DriverSetup” ,Pop up following UI:

Select” Always install the driver program(I)”,Pop up the following UI:

Click”OK” to finish install

4.1 Configure MultiUpgradeSoftware.exe

  1. Open “MultiUpgradeSoftware_ XXXX”folder from tool package
  2.  Double-clickto run it
  3. if Pop up the following UI, Click “OK”

4. Main UI as follows

5. Click ”Setting”->”Login”

6. Click ”Setting”->”File Setup” to select file


Click DIG-AL00 Flash settings to select software

Select software:”software package”\ Upgrade\SD Upgrade\dload\UPDATE.APP

See the below:

Click”打开(O)”to select “UPDATE.APP”

Then click “Next”

4.2 Download software

1)Enter recovery mode:

Let phone to be off. then press volume lower key,volume upper key, plug in USB cable

Let phone to enter recovery mode:

  • Connect usb cable, can find following port

Click “    button in main UI

Start to upgrade

Update process:


After the completion of the upgrade, see the below:

Download Description File

File name: Huawei DIG-AL00

Alternative name: Huawei GR3 2017 DIG Diego-AL00

Brand: Huawei Mobile

Region: China


5  Log

Open log path

Open log file

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