How To Root SM-G930T/A/P/V U9 One Click With Odin

How To Root SM-G930T/A/P/V U9 One Click With Odin

How To Root SM-G930T/A/P/V U9 One Click With Odin

If you are looking for How To Root SM-G930T/A/P/V U9 One Click With Odin, this post will address that in matter of few minutes for you. However, you will also learn how  you can remove Lock Screen, remove google account, e.t.c.

How To Root SM-G935T/A/P/V U9

How To Root SM-G930 QC On Binary 9

  • Download SM-G930T-V-A=P-U U9 Eng root
  • Extract the zip file, if file contains password, contact us for password
  • Open Odin3, Click AP, and choose the SM-G930 QC U9 ENG ROOT.TAR
  • Boot device to download mode, by holding Volume Down+Home+Power
  • At the prompt, Use Volume Up to Enter Download Mode
  • Press Start, once device is successfully connected with Odin.

If you want Supersu installed, follow this quick instruction to install:

1. Download and extract

2. Reboot your phone to download mode

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3. Inside the S7_Oreo_Nougat_Adb_Advanced_Root folder you will find an Odin_Firmware folder. Use Odin and flash the Eng Boot Image for your phone

4. Once phone is rebooted and connected to computer click on the cmd-here.exe and type root.bat in the command window and hit enter

5. Follow directions on the command window

6. You can only use system root on Oreo

7. Once root is done and root bat closes leave your phone alone for a few minutes it may reboot a couple of times
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8. Sprint Users This should work for you as well just let me know if your phone reboots with eng boot.img installed like it did on nougat while try too run the root.bat. I may need to change some things

9. With this system root do not update su binary if in anyway you get something asking you to update binaries ignore it. You can also disable notifications about updating binaries. This will not affect su app

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