How To Bypass Frp On OnePlus 6

How To Bypass Frp On OnePlus 6

How To Bypass Frp On OnePlus 6

Lots of people don’t know that it’s quite easy to remove Factory Reset Protection(frp) on All OnePlus devices, and this is my personal discovery on How To Bypass Frp On OnePlus 6, same procedure can be applied on every OnePlus device out there.

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Let’s Get Started:

To remove frp on OnePlus 6, you need to download OnePlus 6 stock firmware below description

File Info

  • OnePlus 6 Official Os
  • Version: Android 8.1.0
  • File Purpose: For Unbricking\Fix Bootloop
  • oneplus 6- os 5.1.11-android

Download LinkĀ 

Quick Instruction

  • Extract the zip file
  • Execute the MSM DOWNLOAD TOOL
  • Hold Both Volume Up + Down together, and connect to PC, your device will boot up to edl mode(Emergency Download Mode)
  • Click On verify, to establish port connection with msm download tool
  • Once connection is established, click on Start.

For Detailed Instruction: Follow This Link


Conclusion: We have been able to expose a big secret OnĀ  How To Bypass Frp On OnePlus 6, which also applies to all Oneplus devices, every problem has a solution, you just only need to apply common sense in every event that unfolds.

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