How To Install Huawei Modem & Router Drivers Manually

How To Install Huawei Modem & Router Drivers Manually

On this page, we have provided a video instruction on How To Install Huawei Modem & Router Drivers Manually, if you have missing Huawei Router/Modem drivers in Device Manager.  Take your time, download the drivers that will be provided on this page, hence follow the video instruction to install drivers manually.

Tittle: How To Install Huawei Modem & Router Drivers Manually

Quick Instruction:

  • Download Huawei Router/Modem Drivers Latest Version below Link

Download Link

  • Extract the zip file
  • Open Device Manager, make sure usb points are all soldered to the Router Usb Port as shown in this ARTICLE
  • In device Manager, you should see Triangle on each missing driver, it’s very easy, since the drivers are all in their component structures, all you should do is follow the video description above, in this order.
  • Right-Click on each missing drivers, click on Update Drivers, and choose the default location of the extracted drivers and open, this way, the system will install the correct drivers of that category.
  • Do so, for the rest of the missing drivers components accordingly.
  • If you followed exactly how the above video describes, you should be ready to flash your Router following our Latest method to fix Dead boot, Power Light Only On Huawei B310s-927

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2 thoughts on “How To Install Huawei Modem & Router Drivers Manually

  • November 11, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Je tiens à te remercier du fait que je viens de récupérer mon modem Huawei B310s-22. Je l’avais perdu il y a pratiquement 4 mois, j’ai tant cherché sur internet mais malheureusement toutes les solutions ne donnaient pas. Alors je dis une fois de plus merci pour ce partage. Va de l’avant.


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