How To Unlock Samsung A30 SM-A305F Bootloader (New Security)

How To Unlock Samsung A30 SM-A305F Bootloader (New Security)

On today’s guide, we will explain in details, how to unlock Samsung a30 sm-a305f bootloader (New Security). Unlocking SAMSUNG boot-loader is always one of the recommended steps you must take to gain root, especially, for Samsung New Security.


  1. Back Up Important Data Of Your Device(Very Important!)
  2. Enable Oem Unlock Option In Developer’s Option
  3. Follow Instructions Carefully.


Table Of Content:-

To Unlock Samsung A30 SM-A305F Bootloader (New Security), The Following Instructions Should Be Taken:

  • Boot device to download mode, by holding Volume Up + Down, while connecting the other end of the usb cable to PC(Computer). If done correctly, you should get a prompt as shown as the screenshot below, asking you to either press Volume up to proceed to Download Mode, Long Press Volume Up to Unlock Device Mode or Press Volume Down, to Cancel.
A305F Bootloader Unlock
unlock sm-a305f bootloader
  • Now from the screenshot above, LONG PRESS VOLUME UP, to proceed to Bootloader Unlock Menu

A305F Bootloader Unlock



  • From the above Screenshot, press Volume Up to proceed to begin boot-loader unlocking.
  • At this point, your Galaxy A30, A305F will begin erasing, and will boot up to a warning screen, so it’s important to have your contacts and important data backed up.

A305F Bootloader Unlock

  • Your Galaxy A30 will boot loop a few times, and finally proceed to booting, allow it for few minutes, once device powers up to Home Screen, set it up, connect internet, enable OEM UNLOCK and follow the description link below to root your Galaxy A30:

SM-A305F U2 Android 9 Pie Root Instructions Tested

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