Apple Icloud Services Up Again(After Hours of Server Issues)

Apple Icloud Services Up Again(After Hours of Server Issues)

Apple Icloud Services Up Again: There have been speculations that icloud services are down, and these issues arouse when the System Status in the official Apple Icloud Website showed yellow, signifying issues with some of their services.

Previous Icloud Issues:

Apple’s iCloud platform is experiencing across the board outages, judging by the company’s official system status page.

The page is littered with yellow diamonds signifying issues with pretty much all of the iCloud-centric online features. That includes Backup, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Keychain, Mail, Notes, Reminders, and the iCloud Web Apps.

Icloud System Status

Apple Pay is also experiencing issues (so make sure you bring your wallet with you when you hit the bar on 4th July), as are the Find My Friends and Find My Phone applications. That could cause real problems for people who lose their devices and want to place them in lost mode, or remote wipe the iPhone or iPad.

The Game Centre matchmaking and leaderboard service is struggling, as are the Photos, iWork and Screen Time apps. Clicking on each of the affected services brings up the message: “Users may be experiencing a problem with this service.”

Issues Resolved:

Now all Apple icloud services are up again. you can use some of the features that you were not able to use, in the past few hours.

Their System Status report from the official icloud page shows all issues have been resolved.

Previous Icloud services that went down:

  • Photos
  • Find My Phone,
  • iCloud services like Drive,
  • Contacts,
  • Calendar,
  • Mail,
  • Backup,
  • Notes,
  • Reminders went down for a number of hours.

You can see from the above screenshot of Apple Official System Status clarifying issues have been resolved. Therefore, all icloud services should be running again as normal, orders can be processed from various servers.

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