Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s(Latest Instruction)

Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s(Latest Instruction)

Today, at the early hours of the morning around 10:00 am, we perfected the solution to Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s. Those with iphone 5s can attest to the fact that, changing screen, making some sorts of repair on your iphone device could wrong.

Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s, Let’s First of All, Look At The Possible Causes:

Bad/Weak Battery: Battery Terminals could be rusted, or the cells could be weak and will result to error 9.

Below is a User’s complain in about strange battery behavior after ios 11 update:

Hello, after the ios 11 i have huge problems with my iphone 5s. Before iOS11, my phone was usable for at least 12h. I was charging it every night. After the update, I’ve got many issues with the phone and after 2-3 weeks it was able to hold max 1-2 hours at idle on battery. I’ve checked the battery life and it was at 65%. So I bought brand new original battery, replaced it and now it hold up for like 6-7 hours at idle. I’ve tried to reset, to update but no success. I’m using original charger from HTC and ANKER cable, and I checked it and it’s charging with 0.9 – 1 Amp. Is there anything I can do to fix phone. Could this be hardware or software problem?

Note that the above complain is out-dated, but still relevant till date!


Bad/Faulty Screen Flex: A faulty screen can be the cause of error 9 on iphone 5s, in Apple, all of their hardware components are inter-connected to the device overall performance, and so, any faulty part could greatly impact its entire performance.

Bad/Faulty Charging Port: As explained above, a faulty can interfere with iphone 5s during ios update, and hence can cause error 9.

Now that we’ve been able to outline the possible causes of error 9 on iphone 5s, and other apple devices, let’s get fix started:-

To Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s, Do The Following Steps:

  • Download Latest ipsw firmware for your iphone 5s, from
  • Download Latest Itunes for Windows & Mac, depending on your Operating system.
  • Get original cable for your iphone 5s
  • Good internet connection

Hardware Instruction To Follow in Order To Get Rid of Error 9 On Any Iphone

Remember: We outlined and explained in above paragraphs about the possible causes, which we first mentioned a Faulty Screen as one of the causes of error 9.

  • On this hardware guide, we will advice you to remove your screen and replace it with another screen to be temporarily used for flashing.
  • Remove the existing battery in your iphone 5s and replace it with a new one, to be temporarily used during flashing.

  • Connect your iphone 5s to Computer, make sure Itunes is opened on your Computer
  • Make sure you have internet connection on your Computer
  • Press Shift and click on Restore, navigate to the location you saved the ipsw file you downloaded above(Your iphone firmware compatible to your model number)

Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s

  • Double click on the ipsw file and confirm by clicking Restore to begin

Fix Error 9 On Iphone 5s

Allow the firmware flashing process to be completed, you can monitor the progress on the iphone 5s and as well on PC.

Once completed, your iphone 5s should restart and will be taken to Home Screen.

Remove the new screen you temporarily used for this operation and replace with your original screen.

Replace a new battery, not recomended to use your previous battery.

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