Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock Instruction(Complete Guide)

Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock Instruction(Complete Guide)

Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock Instruction

We would like to refresh your memory on Huawei E5573s-606 Unlock instructions, so if you ever come across this device locked, always look up on this page, and similar pages we might have created for unlock solution



  • Connect original cable to Mifi usb port, Use a peaker, and attache it at the test point as described in the screenshot below
huawei e5573s-606 unlock
huawei e5573s-606 unlock

  • Make sure the Peaker is firmly placed at the test point as described above, then connect the other end of the usb cable to PC Port and monitor device manager for connection.
Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock
Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock Instruction
  • Open Balong Tool, (Download here)click on detect, then three dots, and browse to where you downloaded unlock files and choose usbloader.bin file(Download here), finally click Load.
Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock
Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock Instruction
  • Wait for a few seconds, your device will be blinking, leave it connected to PC.
  • Double click on P711s-E5_Update_21. E5573S-606 extracted firmware folder) [Download here] click Start to begin installing firmware.

Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock

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  • During installation, you should see a progress bar in the following order

Huawei E5573S-606 Unlock

  • Once installation completes, open the overall folder and look up for a file called; Update_WEBUI_17., double click on the web Ui and allow it to install just as the above progress bar explains
  • Finally, double click on E5573_Update_21. E5573S-320 firmware folder), [Download here] allow it to install just like the above progress bar explains, after successfully flashed, click Finish, to exit set up.
  • Monitor mifi as it shows red signal, at the network bar, assemble and insert any simcard and get ready to use.

Note that the above procedure will leave your imei corrupt, hence, it should be repaired thereafter.

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