SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss

SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss

SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss

Here, we provide you with instructions and tool kits for SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss. The main aim of Angle360 is to make sure the life of an average Technician is made easy.

This tutorial on SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss is going to be documented on different models that our hands can lay quickly on. We will advise you to bookmark our important pages, so will always visit them without having to stress yourselves on search.

Importance of Bypassing Password & FRP Without Data Loss

In real life situation, we have witnessed people come to us in so much anxiety, having locked phone of a loved one, who just suddenly disappeared without knowing his/her whereabouts, in this case, families or the Police will need to commence on an investigation to trace previous or more recent conversations that the victim must have had before their sudden disappearance. So the only way, one can really know what’s on the phone, is to safely, remove the password and restrictive Google account, just so they can know more about what really happened.

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We’ll quickly go into the instruction for SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/Password Removal No Data Loss as shown in the guide below:

To Achieve this, you will need to download the following files:

  • Odin3 Tool: Used for flashing Samsung Official images, which are sometimes, in .tar or .tar.md5 format. Download here
  • Frp & Password Removal Tool Kits: Used only when you’ve achieved in enabling ADB on the target device(SM-J120AZ) you want to bypass FRP and PASSWORD lock on. Download here.
  • SM-J327P U3 Eng Root/ADB ENABLED FILE, Samsung Galaxy AMP 2: Used for enabling engineering root at Knox safe level. Download here.


Once you have downloaded the above files as linked, See Guide Below:

  • Extract Odin 3 tool
  • Choose AP and navigate to where you have your J327P eng root file & select and open
sm-j327p u3 eng root/password removal
sm-j327p u3 eng root/password removal
  • Press Start.

sm-j327p u3 eng root/password removal

Within sharp seconds, the device will auto-reboot confirming successful flashing.

Now Extract the tool, named as “ADB LOCK BYPASS TOOL”,  if asks for a password, use

Open tool, and connect your locked device to Computer(PC)

Choose G935F or any model and press Remove Lock 

sm-j327p u3 eng root/password removal

Within a short while, provided the device was properly connected, the password should be removed and the device rebooted to Home Screen without restriction.

This instruction will bypass FRP as well as lock screen(Password), so you will have complete and unrestrictive access to your device.

If the device is under investigation by the Police for shreds of evidence, it can now be done in hopes to arrive at a positive end. Note that this tutorial is model specific, don’t apply files you download from this page on other devices. We will do our best, to provide instructions and files for other models as well, and will link them up here, so you can follow and download. We’ll not be held responsible, for what you do with the info you get from our website, our main aim is to profer solutions that are beneficial to everyday human struggles.

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