Huawei Mate10 ALP-L29 Imei Repair and Frp Reset on Android 9.1.0

Huawei Mate10 ALP-L29 Imei Repair and Frp Reset on Android 9.1.0

These days, Huawei latest update with 2019 security patches, running on android 9 Pie has become a pain in the ass to deal with. Flashing huawei devices with latest security patches, isn’t just what anyone can handle easily, apart from the easy SD CARD flashing instruction; which seems to be a little bit easy, but more difficult and time consuming with a totally dead huawei Android device.

Today’s tutorial¬† will be on Huawei Mate 10 ALP-L29 Imei Repair and Frp Reset on Android 9.1.0.

At the end of this guide, you’ll be able to understand what it takes to flash any huawei device, as well as repair imei.

Notice: Be warned, imei repair in some countries is highly prohibited by law, you must make sure you use this information only to restore Original imei of your device, according to Manufacturer’s input, Angle360 will not be held responsible, if you use this information provided here to commit crime.!!!!

Let’s Get Started:

This guide is going to be different from the Usual method, as we have figured out other methods to have device firmware modified for frp reset and imei repair operations.


  • Download IDT Tool
  • Download HUAWEI ALP-L29
  • DCPhoenix_v105
  • Download HCU Client(You’ll need to have a premium Account with them for a limited period of time)
  • Unassemble Huawei Mate 10 ALP-L29 To Test Point on Imie Repair And FRP
  • A working PC & Responsive Brain.


  • Download and extract IDT Tool, you will have individual files in the following order;














  • Double click on IDT Application to open software’s Main Flashing interface.
  • Click on Select “DII Model and Image File”. See Screenshot below on how to do it.

  • NEXT click on Browse

  • Locate (ANGLE360)-1, select and click Open

  • Click OK to load file on IDT Main flashing interface.

  • Now, firmware has been loaded on IDT interface, ready to go. Press Start and connect Huawei Mate 10 ALP-L29 in test point.


After flashing completed, disconnect and turn on device and open HCU client

  • Write imei and write the following information:

model = alp-L09
Vendor = hw
country = eu

  • Remove the field Erase restricted ver
  • Click Repair:
  • Once completed, Turn off device

Turn on device and connect with DC Phoenix software

  • If you have problem understanding this instructions please use the comment section.
  • You can hire us to help you repair on remote:
  • Service cost $20

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