Ad Serving Limit & Invalid Traffic Concerns Fix Part 2

Ad Serving Limit & Invalid Traffic Concerns Fix Part 2

On our previous article, we wrote extensively on how to fix ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account, we enumerated causes and solutions, and described how you can get rid of the error. On today’s article we’ll explain further on Ad Serving Limit & Invalid Traffic Concerns Fix Part 2.

Before you read on, first look up the following fix below:

Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense)(Part-1)

Article Summary:

On today’s article, we will show you how to get ads back on your site, if you’ve been constantly stroke with Ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account , this solution will restore ads on your site/blog, even though the error still appears in your Adsense Policy Center, however, we don’t guarantee that this will resolve your ad serving limits completely, as we are not Adsense Team and are not affiliated with them on serving ads on your site.

As far as ad serving limits are important to Adsense Team, we also noticed that this also could be a mere error, not related to you generating invalid traffic, but could be related to your blog layouts, contents language, Spam Comments and links, low quality ads from other advertisers, previous ad units, plugins with bot-related configuration, Ads.txt error, Auto ads misconfiguration, etc.

If you followed our previous article on how to Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense)(Part-1), you will notice that part of the solutions was to remove and archive previous ad units on your Adsense account, the reason is, previous ad units that are not in use can cause this error and limit ads on your site or blog, so archiving them is one way to tell Google Adsense that you’re not making use of them at the moment, but it does not stop at archiving them, it helps better if you tell google to optimise and implement ads automatically on your site, this way, you have shown to the Adsense team that you can rely on them for implementing ads and that your primary focus is to build genuine and quality contents.

Let’s Get Started On Fixing Ad Serving Limit Placed on Your Adsense Account(Invalid Traffic Concerns) Part 2:

Follow these outlined instructions and see how ads will be restored:

  • There’s a plugin, called Google Site Kit, please do a little read on what this plugin does, and how effective this could help in placing ad in such a way Google Adsense does not feel the threat of seeing your site as a potential invalid traffic generator.

The most important thing about fixing Ad Serving limit is how Google Adsense Team sees ads on your site, if all of your web scripts contain too many google ad codes, especially, when you’re used to implementing ad codes manually, this also, can lead to invalid traffic concern. You may ask why? This is because too many ad codes pose threats of violations to google Adsense about your excessive implementation of ad codes to generate ads revenue, which is also considered to be invalid. Now, the use of a reliable plugin becomes a thought for action to remove this threat:

  • Remove all ad codes from your blog or website, i mean all, don’t leave any part.
  • If you implemented ad codes in plugins, please remove them or completely disable all plugins that have ad codes implemented through them.
  • Download Google Site Kit for WordPress and set up connection as recommended from the official documentation in Adsense Help Page.
  • In your settings, make sure google analytics is linked up with Site Kit, and as well connect to Adsense. The following Screenshot explains about our site visitors with Google Site Kit:
Ad Serving Limit & Invalid Traffic Concerns
Google Analytics Report on Site Kit

See also, web search history report on Site Kit:

Adsense Report With Google Site Kit:


So, the overall steps to connect Adsense With Google Site Kit Are:

  1. Link Google Analytics with Site Kit
  2. Link Google Search Console
  3. Finally, link Adsense.

Just before you do the above, make sure Google Search Console is linked with Google analytics, afterwards, link Google analytics with Google Adsense. You can see the connection? This is one important step to quickly get rid of ad serving limit placed on your Adsense account.

  • Temporarily Delete Ads.txt From Your Domain. What Is ads.txt?:  To simply put, it’s an AIB initiative that helps ensures that you are showing ads from authorised ads sellers like Google Adsense. This further ensures that ads that display on your site have your consent as a Publisher and that of the advertiser(Google Adsense). For more info on ads.txt, Read the official documentation on implementing ads.txt on your web property for ads delivery.
  • So, make sure you go to your domain Cpanel and locate ads.txt via File Manager and delete it temporarily, because we’re going to have it replaced as soon as the error “Ad Serving Limit” disappears from Adsense Policy Center.
  • As soon as ads.txt is removed, you will be welcomed with another error as; “Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue,” don’t worry, it’s normal.
  • Now wait for few days, during this period, your Adsense page views, Earnings, Impressions will run off to zero’s(0) as shown in the picture below:

Ad Serving Limit & Invalid Traffic Concerns


  • For more quality assurance, re-upload your theme, to help clean up bad scripts injected by spammers.
  • Delete suspicious plugins and clean up their data bases. If you installed WP Super Cache, always “empty page cache” every time you delete a plugin not in use.
  • Disable any Redirect Scrips or Plugin used to generate ads revenue, this could be the reason for invalid traffic concerns.
  • Re-arrange your site layout.
  • If you have set up Google Site Kit as shown above, temporarily disable Google Site Kit plugin, we will re-connect site kit as soon as Ad serving limit error is removed from our account.
  • Wait for 12 days, when this error disappears, reconnect Google Site Kit and enable Auto Ads from Google Adsense Dashboard. D
  • Do not use manual ads unit for at least, 12 days.

Please feel free to comment and tell us how we help solve your problem. If you have better suggestions, let us know at the comment section below.

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