Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense) - Tutorial

Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense)

Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense)

I have been seeing Google Adsense Policy violation strikes, but i have  never witnessed a more complicated issue as Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense). If you have been on Google Adsense Program for a while now, you must have come across this error; “The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy Center.” Today, we will discuss this issue, and proffer possible ways one can resolve this error, if you can’t wait for the exact period Adsense would need to examine and determine the genuity of your Traffic Source.


Before We Proceed On Listing Out Ways You Can Get Rid of Invalid Traffic Concerns, Let’s First Discuss What This Error Is All About And How You Can Prevent Invalid Traffic.

What is Invalid Traffic In Adsense?

To simply put, Invalid Traffic means any click or impression that artificially generates a Publisher’s revenue, at the detriment of an Advertiser. The ads you see on your web pages are equivalent to money/funds spent by other people to advertise their products or businesses.

People advertise products so they can get more customers, or possibly, create awareness for customers to patronise their business. As a Publisher, your primary responsibility is to work in favour of advertisers, by making sure you create contents that will drive the sales of their advertised products that appear as ads on your site/blog.

Now, everyone who puts up advertisement hopes to drive more income to their business, but if their adverts are seen and customers don’t patronise their business, the essence of the advert is wasted.

If everyone who visits your blog, clicks on the ads that appear on your site without making any progress of buying the products that appear as ads on your website, then the advertiser loses money, and Google Adsense takes the blame.

Invalid traffic includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clicks or impressions generated by publishers clicking their own live ads
  • Repeated ad clicks or impressions generated by one or more users
  • Publishers encouraging clicks on their ads (examples may include: any language encouraging users to click on ads, ad implementations that may cause a high volume of accidental clicks, etc.)
  • Automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software.


Prevention of Invalid Traffic:

  • Understand your ad traffic and site visitors

Break down your traffic reports into meaningful segments using URL channels, custom channels, or even Google Ad Manager ad units. This will help you gauge how changes to traffic sources or implementation can affect your ad traffic.(Google Adsense Recommended Step)

Next, use Google Analytics to get detailed information about your site visitors, and be on the lookout for any suspicious user behavior. (Where do my users come from, either geographically or on the Web? Which pages do they view on my site?). Learn how to understand your traffic.

  • Avoid partnering with untrusted / low-quality partiesSome publishers have had issues with invalid traffic when partnering with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directory sites in efforts to increase traffic to their site. Learn more about purchasing traffic.
  • Don’t click on your own ads, even if you think it’s okay to do soEven if you’re interested in an ad or looking for its destination URL, clicking on your own ads is still prohibited. Instead, you can use the AdSense publisher toolbar. Keep in mind that even when we filter clicks on your own ads, we don’t ignore those clicks completely; if it appears to us that a publisher has been clicking on his own ads to inflate his earnings or an advertiser’s costs, we may disable the account to protect our advertisers.
  • Double- and triple-check your implementationSome publishers use custom implementations that may have unintended consequences on their ad requests. Make sure your ad implementation conforms to our ad placement policies and has no programming errors. Also, check your ads in different browsers and platforms to ensure they work as you expect.
  • Use the authorized sites feature to prevent unauthorized use of your ad codeOur authorized sites feature ensures that your account will only accrue stats for your ads that appear on sites that you’ve specified. That said, make sure that you’ve added your sites correctly, otherwise our system may filter traffic that you’d prefer to retain.

The above outlined Invalid Traffic Prevention is Culled from Google Adsense documentation on Invalid Traffic Prevention

Having Read The Above Info Concerning Invalid Traffic, Let’s Get To The Main Matter.

Fix Ad serving has been limited(Invalid Traffic Concerns on Adsense)

  • Go to your Adsense Login Page , go to Ads, you will be welcomed with two alternate pages, By site and By Ads Unit. First, click on “By ads unit”

  • If you have number of manual ads you have created, then archive all of them so they don’t appear in the drop down. Note: Archiving ads is removing them from re-use. you can see that mine is blank, as i have already removed all manual ads units.


  • If you have Auto-ads turned on, please turn it off. See screenshot below


  • Go to your blog or website and remove every existing ads units. Check plugins, posts and pages where you have manually implemented ads code and remove them all.
  • Check for Auto ads code on your header or footer section and make sure to remove them.
  • Do not visit your site from the front page and allow your traffic and page views from Adsense to run to 0’s. See below example:-


Now the above steps are mandatory.


Other Extra Steps To Follow To Legitimise your fix are:

Link Google Analytics to Adsense: This helps Google Adsense Team understand your traffic and easily know your Traffic Sources. Read More on Linking Google Analytics with google ads.

Link Google Search Console with Google Analytics: This will help the team to get the complete data from your site and understand your traffic sources.

Re-arrange your blog layout, work more on a clean user experience and wait for 12 days, when the error will disappear.


[Important] When the error finally leaves your Policy Center:-
  • Go to Google Adsense Login page and get ENABLE AUTO ADS.
  • Copy only auto ads codes into the pages where you want ads to show and don’t do any other thing.
  • So in essence, use only auto ads, do not use manual units.
  • Continue building your contents and optimise them for Search  Engine.

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