Downgrade iPhone 7 From ios 13.3 to 13.2.3 and Bypass iCloud

Downgrade iPhone 7 From ios 13.3 to 13.2.3 and Bypass iCloud

We previously wrote a guide on how to bypass iCloud on ios 13.2.3 with the famous Checkra1n. Today, we’ll instruct you on how to Downgrade iPhone 7 From ios 13.3 to 13.2.3 and Bypass iCloud. This is an interesting guide, especially, as it addresses the ability to revert back to an unsigned ios, which used to be an impossibility.

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Requirements & Programs to Download:

  • Device Must Be Jailbroken & Requires An Apple Computer(MacBook Pro)
  • You Should Have Catalina os Installed on your MacBook Pro(Optional)
  • Windows Computer
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Original Apple Usb Cable
  • Download iPhone 7 ios 13.2.3 ipsw file. Visit:
  • Download Putty. Link Here
  • Download iFun Box For Both Mac & Windows
  • Download These Two Checkra1n Jailbreak versions(v0.9.7) & (v0.9.2)
  • Download Instructional Command in .txt for easy comprehension.
  • Download Python27 Installer for Windows & Mac variant.
  • Download iCloud Bypass Tool ios 13.3(Shiftkey)
  • Download iCloud Bypass Tool 1.0 Beta
  • Download Succession V1.3.8

Download all the above listed⇒ files here


Installable Programs & Guidelines:

  • Get Python Installer from above link under Requirements.
  • Extract Python27, in the extracted folder, you’ll get individual files as follows;
  1. python-2.7.17.amd64.exe
  2. tcprelay
  3. usbmux
  4. usbmux
  • Install python-2.7.17.amd64.exeafter installation, copy these three files; tcprelay, usmux & usbmux and paste them in this directory, on your Computer: ~C: Python27. See Screenshot below.


If you have downloaded the above files and have them placed in one Folder, Let’s get started:


  • Connect your iPhone 7 to PC and open iFun Box.
  • On iFun Box, click on Toolbox


  • Click on User File System

  • Click on Downloads.

At the top middle, click on Copy From PC, navigate to the folder where you saved the files you downloaded above and extract, you will get info.plist file, hightlight and copy to iphone device.. See Screenshot for clarity.

See the below screenshot to confirm the presence of info.plist in iPhone Download directory.

Do the same thing, upload Succession.db into the same directory where info.plist is. Look at the screenshot below to confirm the files.

  • At this point, we need to have access to the iphone settings, so we can start manipulating, to do this, we need iCloud bypass tool called Shiftkey, repackaged by Pro Blanga.



  • All of these packages are provided above for download.



  • Download Shiftkey, extract and install first netframe work, it is provided along side Shiftkey tool, afterward, open Shiftkey as shown below

  • Next, click on iCloudBypass ShiftKey, another window will open as shown below

With your iphone connected, Click on Bypass IOS 13.3-13.3.1

  • Wait for the bypass to complete, during this process, your iPhone 7 will attempt restarting, and will be taken to Settings.


  • Quickly connect to WiFi first,  then set up password and Fingerprint. Always set password you can remember, you will always need it to unlock your phone, at every time you Respring your iPhone 7 device!!


  • Next, click Respring: This will attempt to restart and afterward, you will be asked to input password or fingerprint to unlock your device.


  • Once you input password and hence taken to Home Screen, go to Checkrain on your iPhone 7 and open.


  • Install Cydia.


  • After Cydia installation, Checkra1n will close and you will find Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Open Cydia app, use the search bar in Cydia, search and download these two apps:
  1. Filza File Manager
  2. Succession


  • Once you have confirmed installation of the above named apps, Click on Respring so you can be taken to Home Screen, input password to unlock your device. At this point, Filza and Succession apps won’t open, we would need to issue a command to activate Filza File Manager.

The following Guide is important as it addresses the issue of the above downloaded apps that refuse to launch.

  • Connect your iPhone 7 to Windows Computer, on the windows search bar, type CMD and hit Enter
  • Also, open the How-to.txt  and let Command Window and how-to.txt be opened side by side for easy copy and paste of scripts as shown in the screenshot below:


  • Now, copy from the text file this command: “cd C:\Python27” and paste it in the Command windows and hit Enter↵

  • Copy the next command: “python.exe” and paste in the command window and hit Enter↵. You will get the result as shown in the screenshot:

At least, you can see that if you do exactly as instructed here, you will have everything running smoothly, no mistakes.

  • Copy this line of command from the provided text file: “ -t 44:2222” and paste in Command window and hit Enter↵


Next, open putty as shown in the screenshot below

Now, write this ip address and port numbers in the order shown below the screenshot:

  • Once you click Open as shown above, another command window will open prompting you to confirm connection, click Yes, to open Putty Command window.
  • In Putty Command Window, you will be told to Log in as:? e.g

Login as: root. Press Enter↵

Input password as: alpine and press Enter↵. See the screenshot below.


  • Issue the following command to activate Filza File Manger as:  “cp /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/Info.plist /Applications/” and press Enter↵. This will help us launch Filza and continue modification.


  • Once the above command is issued, click on Respring on the ShiftKey iCloud bypass tool to restart device so you can input password and access application menu.

  • When you get to Application Menu, open Filza and go back to the root directory of your iPhone Storage.


  • On the Root directory, you will find this slash / at the middle top of your iPhone 7, with a search bar at the Left and Edit button on the top right.

First we will need to make we have secured wifi, because this process erases wifi and hence disables wifi functions. So, we need to save wifi configuration files so as to restore them back when we have bypassed iCloud.

  • Go to Usr>>Share>>firmware. You will find bluetooth, isp, multitouch, wifi. Click on Edit, highlight wifi folder and click Copy, then click done.


  • Paste the wifi folder in the following location: >>var>>mobile>>media>>Downloads(This location in iPhone is safe during restore as everything saved in this location will not be altered!)


  • Click on >>Var >> Mobile >> Mobile >>Media >> Downloads and install com.samgisaninja.successionrestore_1.3.8_iphoneos-arm.deb

After installing, click on Respring, once your device reboots to locked screen, input your password to access application menu.

Connect your iPhone 7 to Computer and open iFun Box Tool.

go to Toolbox >>User File System as shown below screenshots

You will find a folder called Succession, open the Succession folder and  click on Copy From Pc, navigate to where you saved your iPhone ipsw and rename it to ipsw (Note that all apple firmware are on .ipsw by default, so just rename it to “ipsw” if you are using windows.)

Click on Copy From PC, highlight ipsw file and load the file on succession folder.

Due to the size of the file, it will take a little while for the ipsw file to be completely loaded on the phone.

Once ipsw file is loaded on device, click on Respring, device will restart and demand for password, input to access application menu.

Go to Filza File manager >>Application>>SuccessionRestoreApp>> scroll down to info.plist, click on the info sign and add the following line of code:

Clear New item and replace it with this code: SBIsLaunchableDuringSetup

Click on Respring to restart your device to locked screen, input password and go to Succession app, click on it.

Click on settings,


When you access application menu on your iPhone 7, Succession app may not open, don’t worry,

We are still writing and editing pls……..!








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