Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method)

Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method)

Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method)

On this guide, we will explain the raw process to Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method). We’ll title this method as “Do It Yourself” . Follow procedures carefully, you’ll definitely, gain root on J260M U8 and any other A-Class models of Samsung.


Important Links & Points To Follow Before Rooting J260M:

Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo
Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo

If you just followed the above guide, Let’s get started:-

  •  Download Stock/Official Firmware for your device(J260M, U1, U7 & U8 respectively). You can go to Download Link(Google Drive)


  • Extract the downloaded firmware


  • Copy only AP of the extracted firmware of your device into the same directory where Magisk Manager.apk is located, i.e, Internal Memory.
  • Install Magisk Manager apk
  • Open installed magisk manager, connect phone to Wi-Fi
  • On Magisk manager interface, click on update and allow the latest Magisk Manager to be downloaded.
  • Click on Install, it will prompt you with options to either download only or patch image.
  • Choose Patch image, and navigate to the location of the AP stock firmware package in your internal storage and select it.
  • Wait a few minutes, the Magisk Manager will begin Patching the entire AP firmware to prepare rooted firmware.
  • At the end of the patching, it will dumb the patched_AP in Download folder on your Samsung J2 Core device.
  • Connect your Galaxy J2 Core to PC, enable internal storage connection and copy out the patched_AP file to the same folder where you initially extracted the stock firmware.
  • Delete the stock AP firmware, leaving Patched_AP file, Stock CP, BL & Home_CSC.(Take note!!!)

Before we begin Rooting Galaxy J2 Core(J260M) device, we’ll first of all, factory reset device from Recovery Mode, put the device to Download mode via Recovery by using Reboot to Bootloader. Do not miss this step, else, you will likely experience shortage of internal memory.

The files we’re going to use are as follows:

  • Patched AP
  • Stock CP
  • Stock BL
  • Stock Home_CSC file. Please take note of the above files(Very Important)


  • Connect Samsung J260M to Computer,
  • Open Odin 3, choose AP and load Patched_System, CP, BL & Home_csc, don’t flash yet…..
  • Go to Odin options, uncheck Auto-reboot. Refer to screenshot below
Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method)
Root SM-J260M U8 Android 8 Oreo (New Method)


  • Once Auto Reboot, as described in the above Screenshot is unchecked, Press Start.
  • Monitor when Odin shows Pass, meaning Flashing has competed!
  • Now, hold Volume Up+Down+Power Key for a few Seconds, as soon as phone goes off, quickly hold Power key+Volume Up, once the first Bootloader Warning Logo shows, release Power Key and hold back again, don’t release Volume Up Key, keep holding…..
  • The device will erase and attempts to restart to home, but because you are holding Volume Up, it will boot to recovery mode instead.
  • Once you are in recovery mode, Wipe Data and cache, then power off from recovery.

At this point, we are going to boot our Samsung device in Rooted mode(Magisk Mode)

The  following Instructions is very Crucial, else you would feel frustrated after all!!

To boot to Rooted Mode, Perform The Following Task:

  • From power off, hold Volume Up + Power Key, as soon as Samsung Logo appears, quickly release all keys, take a cup of coffee and wait for your device to boot to home screen with Magisk mode.
  • Has your Galaxy A30 device booted up completely?
  • Set it up quickly to access menu, don’t restart your device, else, you’ll be stuck in Rmm Prenormal mode and would have to start all over again.

Do the following needful steps:-

  • Connect Device to Wi-Fi
  • Go to About and enable Developer Option, check for OEM UNLOCK, do you find it missing in dev option?
  • Go to General Management.
  • Disable auto-update Date & Time.
  • Disable automatically update firmware via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Check for update, you will be told that, your system image has been modified bla bla bla!!…
  • Go back to Developer Option and see if oem is checked and grayed out, if not, check for update again and you will definitely get the same error as above.
  • Restart the device and check Developer’s Option again, OEM Unlock will be enabled, greyed out, because of unlocked Bootloader state.
  • Now, if you restarted the device because of missing oem, you will definitely lose root. To have your device in rooted state, power off your Samsung device.
  • From Powered off state, Hold Volume Up + Power Keys, as soon as Samsung Logo appears, quickly release all the keys, take a cup of coffee and wait for your device to boot to home screen with Magisk mode.
  • Check home screen, if magisk Manager is missing, copy Magisk Manager apk you downloaded above and install, if you have not downloaded, Download Magisk Manager
  • After installation, open it, you will be told to allow magisk to perform additional set up, click yes.
  • The Device will do the needful and restart, just wait…,
  • Upon booting up to Home Screen, Open magisk and confirm root state.
  • Congratulations!! You have successfully rooted SM-J260M U8 Android 8, OREO.

A Quick Short Note To Remember:

Every time you lose access to root, due to rebooting your J2 Core Device, always remember to do the following:

 Power off, hold Volume Up + Power Key, as soon as Samsung Logo appears, quickly release all keys, take a cup of coffee and wait for your device to boot to home screen with Magisk mode and rooted state.

Conclusion: Rooting Galaxy A-Class devices has never been easy, but with an arranged instructions, you will be sure to always arrive at the answer. If you followed the exact procedures as described above, Congrats! You have successfully rooted SM-J260M U1, U7 & U8 Android 8 Oreo.  More so, make sure you understand the entire procedures, following instruction is good, but understanding is key.

We’re patiently waiting for you at the comment section, as we earnestly wait to receive your views and questions regarding this article. You can apply the same condition for all A30, A50, A10, A70, etc.

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