SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root Instructions Tested - Tutorial

SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root Instructions Tested

SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root Instructions Tested

This is another interesting guide for those who find it difficult to Root SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie. On here, we have SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root Instructions, to help you avoid wasting too much time on figuring out root solution.

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The above outlined content header tells what this page is all about. Let’s get started with rooting SM-A530N On Android 9 Pie, binary 4.


1.) Download Root Link Package provided by ANGLE360. Note: There are two root variants, try both.

2.) Extract Root package, For Password, use


4.) Connect device to computer, open Chimera Tool, Click On Unlock Tap, then Click On RMM UNLOCK .

SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root
SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root
SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root
SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root

If the above process fails, due to unsupported model In Chimera Tool:

    • Just enable wifi connection on device.
    • Disable auto-update Date & Time.
    • Disable automatically update firmware via Wi-Fi connection.
    • Check for update, you will be told, you are on the latest update.
    • Restart device and check Developer’s Option again, OEM Unlock will be enabled! If you just followed this guide, skip to Step (7) to continue rooting.

5.) Once Samsung Galaxy A8 device is rebooted to Home Screen.

6.) Open Developer Option and check OEM UNLOCK, if not enabled, please do enable it.

7.) Power off device, Boot device to DOWNLOAD MODE by Holding VOLUME UP+DOWN, while connecting device to Computer

8.) At the prompt, Press Volume Up to enter Download Mode.

9.) Open Odin3 Choose AP, select ROOT_A530NKSU4CSL1_U4_9[Angle360].tar and open

SM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie RootSM-A530N U4 Android 9 Pie Root

Once ROOT_A530NKSU4CSL1_U4_9[Angle360].tar is loaded

Press Start, if you correctly have done the above.

The device will boot up to the home screen, connect internet to the device and upgrade Magisk apk.

If Magisk is missing, download and install magisk

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