Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU(EFT)

Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU(EFT)

Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU(EFT)

This is a promised article to help those who would want to learn how to Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU by Easy-Firmware Team. EFTSU is an abbreviation of Easy-firmware Team Super User, you can as well, call it EFT-Super User. This is another advanced and effective root method that smoothly fits into the New Era, as it takes quite a less time to create and flash it onto the target device.


On this article, i will be explaining in details, how effective this root method is and how it has been integrated into various Online Software Services to be recognized and used for operational repair procedures. By the end of this article, you will master how to Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU(EFT)


In the past, you could root with EFT, but would not make use of it on Software like, Chimera Tool, Z3x SamsungPro Tool , Octopus/Octoplus Box, to name few. The reason why users who gained root with EFT couldn’t make use of their root functions with other known Software was because there was no formal introduction of the project to the administrators of the aforementioned Service tools, hence they treated its permission as strange.


Good development:

Easy-Firmware Team has integrated their eftsu to fit into various service tools and as well as recognized globally as a known root permission software. What this means is that EFTsu will also work in the same way as CF-Auto Root by Chainfire and Magisk Manager by John Wu a.k.a @TopjohnWu

To Root With EFTsu Manager,The Following Instructions Will Explain:

  • The official site for all eft related root files has been listed to be:¬†


  • What you’re expected to do is visit the above website, choose your model and download any patched boot image in .oEFT file extension, according to your device’s binary version.


  • Also, there’s a Odin-like Software, called EFTSU_Flash; used for flashing EFT file extensions, like the “.oEFT” mentioned above. If you have downloaded your root file, according to your model and binary version, let’s get started.


  • Download EFTSU_Flash in one of the Download links below EFTSU Manager

Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10


  • You can download EFTSU Manager if necessary.
  • Choose your model, our model for this tutorial is N975F, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, so from the drop-down of list arranged alphabetically, scroll down to Letter N and locate N975F, the platform will automatically, display list of builds of root already created, choose according to your preferred¬†build and binary version and download, file isn’t always large, as it’s created from the stock boot.img of the extracted AP firmware.

  • Once you have downloaded as shown in the above screenshot, open EFTSU_Flash software, click on Select File, locate the .oEFT file you downloaded and load on software. Then, click on Flash, wait for few seconds, your device will be flashed and be rooted



If at all after flashing the .oeft boot image on your device, you discover that you don’t have root permission, enable USB DEBUGGING & OEM unlock, click on click on Reboot ADB Device to Root Mode.

Confirm that you have root permission and proceed to do anything you deem fit.

The above procedure works for all Android version, and you can always use this guide to Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU.

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2 thoughts on “Root All Samsung on Android 9 & 10 With EFTSU(EFT)

  • July 29, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    I have problem with this my a10 is autorestarting and only display sumaung logo after i upgrade version 9 to 10 ,how can i solve this problem ?

    • July 30, 2021 at 4:31 am

      I think what you did was OTA update, Try Downloading the Stock Os from and flash with Odin.
      If this does not solve your device’s problem, then try downgrading to Android 9. If you have any other concern and you want us to help you fast, message us directly on our WhatsApp Messenger.


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