Flash Board Firmware on Huawei Mate 9(MHA-L29)

Flash Board Firmware on Huawei Mate 9(MHA-L29)

There are many reasons as to why you may need to flash a Board firmware on any Huawei device, but today, let us focus on flashing Board Firmware on Huawei Mate 9(MHA-L29).

We’ll be using EFT Dongle Pro to flash Board firmware on this Machine.


  • Unlock Huawei Bootloader

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If you have your device bootloader already unlocked, then this instruction is for you.

  • Download EFT Pro from their official site
  • Launch the program and go to Huawei section.
  • From the flash section, click on the Drop Down and select Flash Board From XML(Fastboot).

Click on XML and select your board XML file usually in .xml file extension.

After loading your XML file, connect your device in Fastboot Mode and click Start.

This is just a short instruction to Flash Board Firmware on Huawei Mate 9(MHA-L29). We will drop another instruction for those who don’t own EFT Pro dongle.

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