Infinix X620B Qcn+EFS File

Infinix X620B Qcn+EFS File

We have obtained Infinix X620B Qcn+EFS File, this will help users restore and update devices with corrupt network calibration data. Using QCN+EFS files should be done carefully, as carelessly applying these files will cause you troubles.

Read Carefully:

To Download Infinix X620B Qcn+EFS File, you will have to pay via the payment Gateway we have provided on our Angle360 default page. Please proceed below to download:

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In the above linked files for Infinix X620B Qcn+EFS File, you will find detailed instructions to repair imei and restore QCN, in case of unknown Baseband, you can as well apply the same instruction to restore your device to default stage.

Note: The above files are only meant for Repair Procedures only. Do not use this for the intent of committing crime as will not be held liable. In the cause of using our EFS files to fix Unknown Baseband, you must always remember to restore your original imei that came with your device, so as to stay safe!

How To Back Up Qcn Of Any Device

There are many methods of backing of qcn, but we’ll just outline the easiest, which require using Third-Party boxes.

Using UMT QC Fire Tool

  • Open Umt Qc Fire Software
  • Go to Read Tools
  • Enable Diagnostics mode on your device, look up information on google on how to enable diag mode, which requires rooting, in most cases.
  • Once Diag Mode is enabled, connect to PC and click Back Up at the Read Tools Section
XIAOMI A2 Lite Qcn

Give it a while, you will be informed by the software that your device’s Qcn has been saved, with a location displayed at the logs, so can copy it out and have it renamed and saved for re-use.

Instructions To Write Qcn Using Any Qualcomm Supported Box

  • Open UMT QC Fire Software
  • Go to Read Tools
  • EnabLe Diag mode and connect to PC
  • Click on Restore QCN, go to where you saved the qcn file you downloaded from this page and open
  • Give it a while, once software successfully writes QCN, you will be informed.

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