Repair DRK on all Samsung Using UART CABLE

On today’s guide, you will learn one of the ways to Repair DRK On All Samsung Using UART CABLE. When you encounter DRK error shortly after flashing combination Factory Software, one of the things you must try to do is flashing a custom boot.tar file(Root file), but doing this in most Samsung devices require security to be off.

We all know much about the famous RMM, KG & OEM security features introduced by Samsung. OEM being the older among them, but these features work together to enhance Samsung device boot-loaders. Hence, repairing DRK when all of these security features are ON is quite difficult; because it defiles flashing custom boot images for root purposes.

On here, we’ll introduce quite an advanced method to Repair DRK On All Samsung Using UART CABLE.


Our model for today’s instruction is SM-T585(Samsung Galaxy Tab A)

  • Download Combination Factory Software for your device model, ours is SM-T585 as mentioned above.
  • Download official firmware for your device model and binary version and have them extracted into a single folder.
  • Flash the extracted Combination Factory Software with Odin 3, thereafter proceed to repair DRK as follow:
  • On your GC Pro Box, there’s a provision for UART Port, look at the pictures below.
  • Insert the box cable and connect to Computer, thereafter, carefully insert UART Cable on the GC PRO BOX UART Port as shown in the pictures above.
  • On your Samsung device, after flashing combination, you will find the device’s dial button renamed as IME, tap on it and the Dialer will open. Type the following codes to activate UART Connection mode on the Samsung Device:
*#0808#, choose MTP+ADB
  • Dial another codes as shown below
*#0*# then connect to UART Cable
  • On your GC Pro Box Software interface, choose the following options as described in the screenshot below:
  • The above picture is self-explanatory, choose the options as shown above and press Start.
  • If done correctly, you should see “ROOTKEY IS NOW GOOD” that’s the message that confirms that all is well with your Samsung Device Rootkey, a.k.a DRK(Device RootKEY).
  • You can now proceed to flash official firmware with Odin 3 without errors.
  • In newer devices, you may not find the work “DRK error” in recovery, as it’s usually seen in recovery mode. You will see a lot of messages on the recovery screen like, failed to mount system as rw, setting up dirty cow, etc. However the message appears, i would recommend these methods as the best alternatives to Repair DRK On All Samsung Using UART CABLE.


Having learned how to Repair DRK On All Samsung Using UART CABLE, applying these aforementioned steps will be your best approach to solving all DRK related errors in recovery that cause Samsung devices to boot loop.

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