Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak

After a very long time of vacation, due to the Corona Virus Outbreak, we are resuming with yet, another interesting instruction that will help you spoof or Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak.

Usually, spoofing iPhone Location has always been successful with Jail broken devices, apart from the use of VPN, which only takes control of few apps on iPhone and the browser effect location change, many IOS application sensors VPN, which makes it less effective to actually change your location on some of the ios social media apps.

On today’s guide, we will show our subscribers how to change their iPhone location, in such a way that it will effect changes on most social media apps on the ios device. This instruction to Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak will work for users who own a Windows computer, no additional configuration is required.

Download The Following:

  • Download 3utools
  • Download iTunes64 or iTunes 32 bits(Take note of your Windows operating system type, before downloading)
  • Once you have downloaded the above files, install first iTunes, thereafter 3uTools and restart your Computer.
  • Launch 3utools upon system restart, and carefully follow the guide below to Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak:
  • Upon launching 3utools, connect your iPhone to Computer and authorise connection from your iPhone to 3utools.
  • Once 3utools is launched as shown below, navigate to Tools
Change Your iPhone Location
  • Next, click on VirtualLocation, it will launch a window as shown in the following screenshot. Click the Right Next button the to see the final image.
  • On the final window that opens, search any country and city of your choice. You can see from the screenshot that my preferred location and country is Canada, San Luis, Tolima, Colombia. Take note of the Google Arrow. Then, on the right bar, you can see the cordinates of my selected location displayed. From the screenshot, San Luis is my preferred location, hence on the left, the Longitude and latitude co-odinates registered.
  • Once you’re certain with the location of your choice, click on ‘Modify Virtual Location’ as shown below.
Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak
  • Once you click on Modify Virtual Location, allow a few time for the dependencies to be installed on your device as shown in this screenshot below

During this process, don’t interrupt your iPhone device and do not disconnect. Make sure your iPhone lock screen is unlocked, you should see a success message, click Ok and disconnect your iPhone.

  • Now, you can launch any social media app on your ios device, and your preferred location will have you covered.

You can as well, open Google Map on your iPhone and see that your location has really changed.

  • If you use Facetime, you should see that you’re in Canada or any country and city you chose during configuration.

We hope, we have helped you to know how Change Your iPhone Location To Any Country Without Jailbreak.

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