Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14

Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14

Download our shared link for Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14. This tool enables you to completely remove icloud on ios 13 and 14, from iPhone 6s to X respectively.

Tool Features

Untethered Bypass(ios 12-12.4.9)

Untethered Bypass(ios 13-14.2)

FMI off, ios 13+, ios 14+)

Remove Signed in icloud Account from device

Backup Activation Data

Activate Device After Restore

Open Terminal

Restore Baseband

Wipe Data on Locked Screen

Enter Recovery


Reboot, etc.

Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14 Features.

Before Using This Tool, you must do the following:

  • Jailbreak your device using Checkra1n(See Jailbreak Guide Here)
  • Own a Macbook Machine or Linus/ubuntu Loaded Os
  • Checkra1n Patched Version and Mina Usb Patcher Tool(Visit This Link)
  • Once you have the above instructions and files, you can proceed and do FMI off as shown in the screenshot:
Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14
Free FMI Off Tool-IOS 13+14


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