SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix

SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix

SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix

As the topic entails, on here, we will lead you to a step by step guide for SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9(SM-N960N) Korean Variant has also received an upgrade on the latest security patch that adds additional layer of security protection on the device bootloader, which limits Third-party developers from making changes to the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM).


Rmm Prenormal was an earlier protection that was directly attached to the device’s OEM, not to long, it was found out by spearheaded geeks and KG State Prenormal was added as a back up security protection that is more rooted in the device Software operating system with some ID’s to the device’s IMEI number. So, on the next paragraph, we will walk you around the guide for SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix, and possibly, present you with an option to flash Samsung Fix Rom, generally referred to as custom rom.


Without addressing the KG State Prenormal that appears in Download Mode, you can’t flash Custom recoveries, root files, or make any notable customization on your Galaxy Note 9. Removing the Prenormal state gives you complete freedom to add any feature, on your SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 Machine. This Guide works for all Exynos Galaxy Note 9 Machines(e.g, for SM-N960N, SM-N960F, SM-N960FD only) Always check your model number to make sure it corresponds with what we’ve presented here.


Requirements for SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix:



Follow These Outlined Instruction for SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix.

  • Download SM-N960N U3 Combination Factory Software and extract the zip, then flash with Odin 3.
  • Enable OEM unlock option in Developer’s Option
  • Factory reset device in Factory State, once device boots up.
  • Open Chimera Tool, connect your Note 9 Machine to Computer.
  • Read the current imei by using Read cert option; use 2019 method of read cert to avoid errors.
  • After reading your current imei via Read Cert option, make the IMEI Number to “00000000000000000”(Very important, don’t skip) with Chimera Tool using the 2019 IMEI Write Option to avoid errors. See Screenshots below!

SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal FixSM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix


  • Download Iroot rooting Software and install setup on your Windows Machine.
  • Check Developer’s option to see if OEM is enabled and greyed out, if so, then
  • connect your Note 9 machine to Computer and and open Iroot Software
  • Make sure your device is successfully rooted in combination.

SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal FixSM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix


  • Download ADB Command Drivers and extract the zip file to a convenient directory on your Windows Machine.
  • Double click on the Command.bat file and issue the following script codes

adb shell
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/steady

SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix

  • Congratulations! This will further limit the impact of KG State Prenormal on your Galaxy Note 9 Machine.
  • Now, flash the official rom, allow the device to boot up.
  • Set up your device to Home Screen.
  • Enable Developer’s Option by clicking Build Number in About 7 times.
  • Connect your device to Wifi network
  • Try to check update, it will keep trying to register your device, hence will never find the device’s identifier(IMEI) because it’s written off and replaced with “000000000000”.
  • Now boot your device to Download mode by turning off your Samsung Note 9 Machine, hold Volume Down & Bixby Key, while connecting the other end of your USB Cable to Computer, you will be prompt, press Volume Up to enter Download Mode.
  • Boom!!, KG State Prenormal is fixed. The Status will be changed to Checking….. See Screenshot below.


Having followed our guide word for word, we hope you’ve now known the procedure for SM-N960N U3 KG State Prenormal Fix.

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