HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File (Sigma Users)

HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File (Sigma Users)

On this page, we have HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File (Sigma Users), this certificate file is read from a totally functional device with full signals, for those who have had their original calibration data wiped due to wrong method of flashing.

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To write HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File on your Huawei Machine, Download Latest Sigma Key setup from their official page link.

Install the latest Setup once downloaded, make sure you have Huawei Drivers properly installed, if you can’t find a means to install all Huawei Drivers, the easiest way is to install  via Chimera Tool Installer.

Open Sigma Box as shown below, Select Hisilicon Cpu, go to Service and connect your HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-AL10 device in Test point mode, select the corresponding Port and Hisilicon CPU Kirin 65X respectively.

  • Once you have done your selection, click Write secure data and select the cert file you downloaded from here and write.
  • Do you have any question you want us to help with with?
  • Feel free to do so at the comment section.

HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File Analysis

  • File Name: HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Cert File
  • Alternative Name: HUAWEI Honor V20 PCT-L29 Secure Data
  • Purpose: Write/Repair Lost Calibration Data
  • Password: Yes
  • File Type: Paid
  • Price: $5

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