Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX Not Working

Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX Not Working

Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX Not Working

Android TV Boxes have been the alternative solution to enjoying media contents, with the absent of a decoder, you can connect your Android TV Box with your Television and enjoy limitless contents on the internet. On Today’s guide, we present you with the options to Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX that appears not to be working. Most of these devices carry Rockchip Processors, considering that some of these devices come with  Android Operating systems and are most likely to have technical problems or Software Glitches, so today, you’ll learn how to service devices of this type.

Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX

To Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX, The Following Steps Should Be Taken:

  1. First, we open the device and get to know the processor number and Wi-Fi chip
  1. We use a double headed usb cable by flashing as in the picture
  1. We’ll have to install Rockchip drivers from here and Leelbox_mxq_4k-android box firmware here
  2. We can Download our Batch Tool Here(This will be used for flashing our Android TV Box)
Batch Tool for Fixing MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX
  1. Choose the device’s software as shown in the picture above and then connect the device with pressing the reset button (usually it is hidden inside the AV socket) as in the picture below:
  1. press the button while the Android TV Box is connected to PC.(This will help the TV Box be connected in Service Mode as shown below)

Provided you followed the above steps exactly, you will be able to Fix MXQ-4K Smart Android TV BOX that is not working.

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